The "Castle of Fairytales" reminiscent of ... Disneyland.


It was probably named after the many wild olives that were there.

Agrilis with the immense Ionion, which overlooks the red sunsets and the divine moons that make the thought to be lost ... Agrilis is today a magnificent seaside resort with many country houses, sports facilities and important agricultural crops.

The "Fairytales Castle"

Huge and imposing, mysterious and ... odosmos, this building causes the visitor a strange feeling; a strange alloy of nostalgia, romance, despair for the incomprehension of ... his "tangled" stories and anger!

Panagia the Agriliotissa

In Agrilia dominates Virgin Mary Agriliotissa, which, according to tradition, was built in the 13th century on the ruins of an ancient temple (probably dedicated to Artemis) with many legends linking its building with the emperor of Byzantium Ioannis Palaiologos.

The legend states that John was seriously injured in the area of ​​Agrilis and was saved thanks to the small chapel that existed in the place of today. John thanked him for building the present temple. The temple suffered severe damage from Ibrahim in 1825 and was restored a few years later by the monk Parthenios.

has been inhabited since the Roman Empire

Today, Agrilis, especially during the summer months, attracts many visitors to his athletic facilities for food and coffee.

The region, like Filiatra, experienced a great economic boom in the second half of the 19th century, mainly due to the phylloxera that violated European vineyards.

Stomio Beach

It is a magnificent beach next to Agrili. It has sand, gravel and crystal clear sea.

It is a closed bay surrounded by greenery and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It is located just three (3) kilometers from Filiatra and 2 kilometers from Agrili. Access to the beach is by car, to some extent. From there, with staircases, there is a visitor to the wave.